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Table 1 Instrumental setup of the automatic weather station installed at the South Col in May 2008

From: Environmental conditions at the South Col of Mount Everest and their impact on hypoxia and hypothermia experienced by mountaineers

Parameter Instrument Sensitive element Range Accuracy Response time (s) Sensor height (m)
Air temperature Thermohygrometer LSI Lastem DMA 672a Pt100 Class B 1/3 DIN −30°C to 70°C ±0.1°C (at 0°C) 10 2.5
Relative humidity Thermohygrometer LSI Lastem DMA 672a Capacitive hygrometer 0% to 100% 1.5% (from 5% to 95% at 23°C) 10 2.5
Barometric pressure Vaisala PTB330b BAROCAP© silicon capacitive absolute barometer 50 to 1,100 hPa ±0.75 hPa (from −40°C to +60°C) 1 2.5
Wind speed LSI Lastem CombiSD DNA022a three-cup and vane anemometer with optoelectronic disc 0 to 60 m/s 0.1 m/s + 1 2.5 3
Wind direction LSI Lastem CombiSD DNA022a 2,000-Ω wire potentiometer 0° to 360° 1% full scale 0.74 3
  1. aLSI Lastem, Milano, Italy. bVaisala Ltd., Suffolk, UK.