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Table 5 Monthly median values of facial frostbite time and facial frostbite time deficit

From: Environmental conditions at the South Col of Mount Everest and their impact on hypoxia and hypothermia experienced by mountaineers

Month Median FFT Delta FFT Median FFTD Delta FFTD
(min) (min) (min) (min)
May 19.3a 3.7a 7.2a 5.5a
June 59.4 34.5 7.5 4.1
July 77.2 41.8 14.5 infinity
August 72.2 22.4 8 11.9
September 24.5 13.2 9.7 6.8
October 5.9 5.7 8.9 2.5
November 6.1 5.9 7.5 7.3
December 9.7a 4.7a 5.5a 0.4a
  1. Measured at the South Col during 2008. Also shown are the differences between the third and first quartile values for facial frostbite time (Delta FFT) and facial frostbite time deficit (Delta FFTD). aValues for which a full month's worth of data was unavailable.