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Table 1 Spatial disorientation in military aircraft accidents from 1983–2002

From: Orientation and disorientation in aviation

Accident rates per 100,000 flying hours
Aircraft Accident 1983–1992 1993–2002 Reference
Fast jet All accidents 7.0 5.8  
Disorientation- related accidents 1.7 (24.2%) 1.6 (28.2%)  
Rotary wing All accidents 4.1 2.4 [14] Bushby
Disorientation-related accidents 1.0 (24.3%) 1.0 (42.2%)
  1. Military accident rates per 100,000 flying hours for all accidents and for those in which spatial disorientation was a factor. Comparison of the two 10-year periods, 1983–1992 and 1993–2002, shows a fall in overall accident rate, more evident for rotary-wing than for fixed-wing aircraft, but there was no decrease in the incidence of disorientation-related accidents. For comparison, the accident rate for scheduled commercial aircraft with a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) greater than 2,500 kg is 0.4 per 100,000 departures [15].