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Table 2 Classification scheme for the severity of frostbite injury [19]

From: Frostbite: a practical approach to hospital management

Frostbite injuries of the extremity Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4
Extent of initial lesion at day 0 after rewarming Absence of initial lesion Initial lesion on distal phalanx Initial lesion on intermediary (and) proximal phalanx Initial lesion on carpal/tarsal
Bone scanning at day 2 Useless Hypofixation of radiotracer uptake area Absence of radiotracer uptake on the digit Absence of radiotracer uptake area on the carpal/tarsal region
Blisters at day 2 Absence of blisters Clear blisters Haemorrhagic blisters on the digit Haemorrhagic blisters over carpal/tarsal region
Prognosis at day 2 No amputation Tissue amputation Bone amputation of digit Bone amputation of the limb
No sequelae Fingernail sequelae Functional sequelae +/− systemic involvement
     +/− sepsis functional sequelae