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Table 3 A profile of the animal research activities of Charles M. Tipton (1960–1998)

From: Career perspective: Charles M Tipton

Animal research activities
A. Experimental animals
  1. Rodents (rats, both sexes and all studies (N = approximately 1,900)
  2. Mongrel dogs (males only, cardiovascular and connective tissue studies (N = approximately 80)
  3. Non-human primates (Galgo senegalenis, both sexes, systolic blood pressure and connective tissue studies (N = approximately 25)
B. Experimental animal studies
  1. Development of exercise protocols and tests for dogs and rats
  2. Investigations on the bradycardia of training
   a. Normal
   b. Diencephalon lesioned
   c. Right and left unilateral vagectomized
   d. Immunosympathectomized (IS)
   e. Thyroidectomized
   f. Adrenalectomized
   g. Hypophysectomized
   h. Isolated hearts (Langendorff)
  3. Investigations on the influence of chronic exercise on systolic blood pressure
   a. Normotensive, non-human primates
   b. Normotensive , rats
   c. Normotensive and aging (2 years)
   d. Normotensive and a high fat diet
   e. Normotensive and injections of desoxycortosterone acetate (DOCA)
   f. Hypertensive because constriction of the renal artery
   g Dahl salt sensitive hypertensive rats
   h Dahl salt resistant hypertensive rats
   i Spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR)
   j SHR and high calcium diets
   k SHR and low calcium diets
   l SHR and IS
   m SHR and adrenal demedullation (DM)
   n SHR, IS, and DM
   o SHR and Strokeprone (SHR-SP)
   p SHR-SP and static exercise
   q SHR and post-exercise hypotension
   r Hypophysectomizied (Hyphx)
  4. Investigations on the influence of acute and chronic exercise on the oxygen transport system
   a. Normal
   b. SHR
   c. Hyphx
  5. Investigations on the influence of inactivity (immobilization) plus acute and chronic exercise on ligaments
   a. Normal
    (1) Aging
    (2) Surgical repair
   b. Hormonally deprived [Hyphx and thyroidectomized (Thyrx)]
    (1) Surgical repair.
    (2) Hyphx and replacement hormones [adrenal corticorticotrophin (ACTH), growth hormone (GH), interstitial-cell-stimulating hormone (ICSH), and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).
  6. Investigations on the influence of simulated microgravity on select physiological systems
   a. Normal with both hindlimbs non-weight bearing
   b. Normal with a single hindlimb non-weight bearing
   c Hyphx with both hindlimbs non-weight bearing