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Fig. 1

From: The increase in hydric volume is associated to contractile impairment in the calf after the world’s most extreme mountain ultra-marathon

Fig. 1

Relationships between percentage change of bioimpedance parameters and percentage change in neuromuscular parameters in runners. Pearson’s correlation coefficients were calculated between Pre- and Post-mountain ultra-marathon percentage change of bioimpedance parameters with percentage change of neuromuscular and calf and thigh circumference in runners (n = 11). Correlations between percentage change of extracellular water volume (Ve) and total hydration of the non-fat mass (NF-Hyd) with percentage change of potentiated low-frequency doublets of the plantar flexor (PS10) (a, b) and with percentage change of calf and thigh circumference (c, d) were calculated. The black circles represent data obtained from calf and the white circles represent data obtained from thigh. p value of 0.05 was accepted as the level of significance for all correlations

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