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Table 2 List of available equipment for the procedure

From: Intubation after rapid sequence induction performed by non-medical personnel during space exploration missions: a simulation pilot study in a Mars analogue environment

Equipment category Items
Monitoring and installation Operating table (MDRS habitat fold-away table)
Monitoring device (simulated by the patient simulator software)
IV access and perfusion IV line with 3-way tap
Two 500 mL crystalloid IV bags
Airway control Suction tube hand-piece and connection tubing
Non-rebreather mask
Aitraq® optical laryngoscope, 7.5 mm endotracheal tube with 10 mL syringe to inflate cuff
Ventilation bag with Ambu® valve and breathing filter
Guedel oral airway
Pretended drugs Atropine, midazolam, ketamine, rocuronium and sugammadex, pre-drawn in 5 syringes