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Table 4 Objective participants’ skill assessment

From: Intubation after rapid sequence induction performed by non-medical personnel during space exploration missions: a simulation pilot study in a Mars analogue environment

Skill category Skill subcategory Skill assessed
Technical skills Preparation 1. Performs the checklist, notes missing items
(Max. 20 points)   2. Follows checklist
   3. Identifies hemorrhagic shock
  Procedure 4. Administers the appropriate IV fluid volume
   5. Preoxygenates correctly
   6. Injects the correct sequence of drugs and doses
   7. Intubates correctly
   8. Appropriately confirms tube placement
   9. Reverses the anaesthesia in the recommended manner
   10. Extubates according to instructions
Non-technical skills Task management 1. Planning and preparing
(Max. 20 points)   2. Prioritizing
  Communication 3. Describes what he/she sees
   4. Describes what he/she does
  Situation awareness 5. Gathering information
   6. Recognizing and understanding
   7. Anticipating
  Decision making 8. Identifies options
   9. Balancing risks and selecting options
   10. Re-evaluating
  1. Each question was given 0 point if the task was not observed, 1 point for tasks partially fulfilled or 2 points for tasks entirely completed. Non-technical skills grading adapted from Anaesthetists’ Non-Technical Skills (ANTS) system [23]