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Table 2 Historical overview of exercise countermeasure hardware available on ISS for ESA’s eight long-duration missions to the International Space Station (ISS)

From: Exercise in space: the European Space Agency approach to in-flight exercise countermeasures for long-duration missions on ISS

Year Hardware used by ESA crew on ISS ESA mission
2000–2009 Treadmill (TVIS, BD-1) LDM 1–3
2000–2009 Resistive exercise device (iRED) LDM 1–3
2009– Treadmill (T2), resistive exercise device (ARED) LDM 3–8
2013– Treadmill BD-2 LDM 6–8
2001– Cycle ergometer (CEVIS, VELO) LDM 1–8
  1. iRED interim resistive exercise device; ARED advanced resistive exercise device; TVIS treadmill with vibration isolation and stabilisation system; T2 2nd generation treadmill; BD-1/, BD-2 (Roscosmos) “Begushaya Dorozhka 1/2”; CEVIS cycle ergometer with vibration isolation and stabilisation system; VELO Russian cycle ergometer