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Figure 2

From: Fluctuations in the skeletal muscle power-velocity relationship and interferon-γ after a muscle-damaging event in humans

Figure 2

Example of the concentric velocity-force and power-velocity relationship data. The concentric force-velocity relationship jump data (collected at 200 Hz with a low-pass filter at 10 Hz) that produced peak power at each time point for the SSC (A) and CON (B) leg are provided from one representative subject. For a given force (Newton; for example, at 500 N), velocity (meters per second) varied in the SSC (A) but not the CON (B) leg. Regarding the power-velocity relationship, power (W) varied as a function of velocity in the SSC (C) but not the CON (D) leg. Velocities at peak powers were decreased after the SSC protocol in the SSC (C), but not the CON leg (D). Figure legend provided in (A).

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