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Table 4 Acceleration onset rate versus LOCINDTI curve comparison between Stoll and Whinnery-Forster curves

From: The +Gz-induced loss of consciousness curve

Onset rate vs. LOCINDTI curve characteristics Stoll Whinnery-Forster
y-Asymptote 2.0 to 2.5 s No asymptote (curve value constant at 9.10 s)
x-Asymptote 1.0 G/s x-axis
Transitional onset rate range Continuous decrease as onset rate increases approximately 3 to 1 G/s <1.0 to 0.2 G/s
5 G/s: LOCINDTI 5 s 9.13 s
2 G/s: LOCINDTI 12 s 8.68 s
1 G/s: LOCINDTI Considered GOR 9.75 s
Ranges provided for G-LOC No (single line G-LOC curve) Yes (G-LOC curve with associated descriptive statistics)
Symptoms included Yes (visual loss) No (G-LOC only)
Number of endpoints 40 (14 LOC) 888 LOC
Subject status Relaxed from rest Both relaxed and protected